A fully integrated application that allows the user to purchase and receive product and services with real-time integration with the Perpetual Inventory module while making appropriate entries into the General Ledger module.

  • Live Inventory integration
  • Customizable order types based on user data entry requirements
  • Tracks vendor purchases and payment activity historically
  • Miscellaneous Vendor used for one-time or infrequent purchases
  • Recurring orders (Rent, Service Contracts, etc.) automatically released into system for payment 
  • Quick Checks - Make fast payments to vendors needing payment immediately
  • Tracks banking information and activity 
  • Inventory costs and counts are automatically updated upon receipt of products
  • Multiple vendors can be paid for one inventory receipt/load (i.e. one for the product, another for the freight, and another for another direct cost)
  • Inventory costs can be adjusted/corrected for subsequent costs of a receipt/load
  • Automated backorder