Order Entry/Point of Sale


Order Entry/Invoicing/Point of Sale is a completely integrated module designed to streamline the billing and customer service aspect of today's retail agribusiness.
  • Bar Code Scanning - Improves accuracy of products sold and provides the ability to check available on-hand inventory 
  • “Live” Inventory -  On-hand status of inventory product at ticket entry time by branch and whole company  
  • Intra-Company Transfer - Quick and easy movement of product and costs between locations
  • Integration with Commodity Accounting module - Allows for use of customer grain in feed blends and the billing of storage and other costs from the point of sale while creating commodity accounting entries automatically, affecting the DPR and account balances
  • User defined price tiers - Flexible pricing structure to match business practice and pricing modules- Automatically provides tier pricing information to the operator at time of invoicing
  • Multiple tax rates - Accurately reflects tax rate for specific customer
  • Customer splits on the fly by ticket or line item
  • Multiple Ship to addresses - Allows for the differentiation between Sold to and actual Ship to location
  • Tier pricing for all inventory items
  • Discounting  - Flexibility to apply discounts appropriate to circumstance or customer credit standing
  • User defined descriptions - Allows the customer to describe the business enterprise that is defined in the system  
  • Multiple units of measure - Automated conversion of units in order to display inventory items in user defined unit of measure
  • Multiple UPC code - Eliminates the need for multiple inventory product numbers for like items from different vendors
  • Inventory shortage - Identify items that may be insufficient quantities needing to be reordered
  • “Live” allocated on hand quantity
  • Global cost changes - Ability to enter one price and affect all like prices
  • Margin analysis - Evaluate margin blends across commodity lines
  • Date sensitive - Conduct analysis on inventory by date - system-wide
  • Automated system management of pricing and margins on negative inventories