Grain Inspection

Grade Access

Allows your customers to view, print or download certificate information via the Internet. Customers can access their certificates and retrieve their information in the following output types: 

  • Report with counts and average factor values
  • XML Report
  • PDF print format. 1 or 200 certificates  
  • Export to Microsoft® Excel
  • Third Party Invitation…Users simply filter the certificates that they wish the buyer to see and they are able to email a simple link to the secure site for them to view the certificates. 

      Customized Reporting via ODBC and other tools such as Crystal Reports, Microsoft® Excel and Microsoft® Word.

Grade Certificates supported:

  • 905 Official Sample - Lot Inspection {Full or Half Sheet Formats} 
  • 909 Official Export Grain Inspection Certificate & Divided Lot 
  • 909-2 Official Export Grain Inspection Certificate 
  • 913 Warehouseman’s Sample - Lot Inspection 
  • 914 Submitted Sample Inspection {Full or Half Sheet Formats} 
  • 915 Official Stowage Examination Certificate 
  • 960 Official Grain Weight Certificate & Divided Lot {Full or Half Sheet Formats} 
  • 993 Commodity Inspection Certificate
  • 994 Commodity Certificate Submitted Sample Inspection
  • Other Agency Specific Certificates upon demand