Grain Journal Supplier Profile With AgTrax President Gayle Lewis

Grain Journal Supplier Profile With AgTrax President Gayle Lewis

Grain Accounting Software Development Supplier Profile


Located in downtown Hutchinson, KS, AgTrax ( was founded in 1996 after many of the company’s current customers asked AgTrax to write a grain accounting program that would better serve their needs.
Since then, AgTrax has developed a suite of software for grain accounting, bin management, grain traceability, and scale interface for agribusinesses in the United States and Canada.
Grain Journal spoke with President Gayle Lewis in June to discuss their software solutions and perspective on grain industry trends.

What’s New?
“Elevate is our new advanced bin inventory management system and grain traceability software. It provides a comprehensive view of customers’ inventories in multiple locations on one screen in real time.
“Grain traceability provides records of grain movement throughout an entire facility and can pinpoint exposure by loads on recalls. Elevate helps customers manage bin inventory with real-time visuals of commodity volumes. It allows viewing inventory across all sites within a facility, comparing average factor information by bin, factor blending between bins, bin board automation, and optional bin temperature integration.”

Grain Industry Trends
“Agribusiness customers are requesting solutions for a variety of platforms (outside of commodity accounting), such as: risk management, agronomy, logistics, mobile, paperless, feed, fuel, and IT.
“This demand continues to evolve and expand our Integrated Partner Network. We’ll continue to introduce new API technologies and integrate with strategic partners who provide convenience and value to our agribusiness customers.”

Keys to Success
“Our success is a result of more than just helping our clients use our software and services. It stems from our ambitious employees who listen to and go the extra mile to satisfy our customers.”

“AgTrax also is achieving success as a result of our local and regional Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) chapter affiliations, including Great Plains, Hoosier, Mid-Atlantic and Cornbelt chapters, as well as our national GEAPS membership and partnership through participation in events, meetings and sponsorships.
“AgTrax has been a proud GEAPS member since 2005 and have been exhibiting at GEAPS Exchange since 2014.”

Company Highlights
“We’re 27 years strong and growing. We began in April 1996 with no source code. In September 1996, 20 prospective customers selected one of three systems, and we hired two developers.
“In November 1996, seven months after opening our doors, we had our first customer installation. Today, we serve 170 organizations in 24 states plus Canada, in more than 1,090 locations, totaling more than 3,400 users.
“We’ve had the same ownership for our entire history, which has greatly contributed to our stability. Our other great strength is our committed, dedicated, and immensely talented staff.
“Our teams are focused on creating the best experience for the customer through listening, communication, service, and support – a culture AgTrax has long been known for and is reflected in our leadership.”

Industry Challenges
“Effective traceability requires the systematic ability to trace the path of food ingredients and finished products throughout their lifecycle, by means of recorded critical tracking events and key data elements. “While the Food Traceability List (FTL) doesn’t include barley, corn, rice, or wheat – in other words, commingled raw agricultural commodities – the grain industry faces a number of challenges with traceability due to the need to track where commodities come from and where they’ve been shipped.
“AgTrax’s Elevate software (the first system to combine both traceability and bin management) effectively addresses this challenge, which our customers have expressed is a critica lcomponent, and will become even more critical moving forward.

What’s Next
“The AgTrax Customer Summit is an excellent opportunity to learn about new AgTrax technologies and our growing number of Partner Integrations. You can also gain practical training and network with industry professionals.
“The 2023 Customer Summit will be held Sept. 13-15 on the shores of the Lake of the Ozarks in Osage Beach, MO.”