Windows 10 Update Info

As many of you know by now, Microsoft has pushed out an automatic Windows 10 upgrade intended for PC’s running on Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems.

AgTrax plans to distribute a maintenance release to support Windows 10 in the near future-

Since that release is not yet complete and additional testing will be required, this message is to alert our customers that the automatic upgrade to Windows 10 can occur without notification to you and can render any Scale PC running our AgRemote interface unusable.

In order to prevent an untimely upgrade from occurring during this spring’s harvest, we are publishing instructions to allow you the opportunity to postpone it from occurring until it’s more convenient for your organization.

This exercise is easy to implement at your end – the prevention tool described on this webpage needs to be downloaded and run on each AgRemote Scale PC by someone in the organization with Administrator privileges.

We apologize for the late notice and hope everyone has a safe and productive spring harvest.

Gayle L Lewis
Director of Operations

Follow these instructions to turn off the Windows 10 update:

1. From the PC that you wish to turn off the Windows 10 update, click on the following link:
2. This should start the download of Never10.exe.
a. You may be warned that there are security issues with downloading an exe file. Click allow or ignore to move past this and download the application.
3. Once the download is complete (it should only take a few minutes at most), click on the downloaded never10.exe file to run Never10.
4. When you open Never10, the following screen should appear:

5. Click on “Disable Win10 Upgrade”.
a. If prompted you can also click on “Remove Win10 Files” to delete all downloaded files for the Windows 10 upgrade.
6. Once you have disabled the upgrade you can click on Exit and your machine will no longer attempt to update to Windows 10.

Once you are ready to download Windows 10, all you have to do is run Never10 again and instead of the “Disable Win10 Upgrade” button as above, the window will look like this:

Click on “Enable Win10 Upgrade” and you’ll be all set for it to download and install Windows 10.