Commodity Accounting

The TraxView Commodity Accounting module is comprised of a complete set of programs designed to control all aspects of commodity movement, purchases and sales.

Commodity Accounting provides the means for handling each organization’s unique requirements as it pertains to grain accounting. Users can define their own daily position records, commodity masters, premium/discounts, storage charges and freight schedules. It is fully integrated into the General Ledger, Sales Analysis, Order Entry and Patronage modules.


  • Live Grain Bank Integration - Provides accurate balance tracking of bushels, discounts and storage due from customers when using grain inventories in feed blends
  • Farm and Field Tracking - Yield and production history for a farm or field
  • Branch Transfer Tracking and Variance Reporting - Relates Inbound and Outbound transfer tickets to allow analysis for inter-company movement of commodities
  • Multiple Settlement Criteria - Choose how you pay customers; oldest ticket first, ticket by ticket, percentage of ticket, factor ranges or delivery date
  • Automated backout and repost function - Correct, adjust, reverse and repost grain tickets and void checks
  • Mass Transfer - Facilitates pooled commodities or marketing plans as well as daily spot pricing
  • Terminal Storage Tracking by Load
  • Multiple contract position types - Eliminates co-mingling of contract types - allowing user to have position for particular type of contract
  • Sub contracts by position - Create new contracts from existing contracts to new DPR position
  • Lienholder Tracking - Reduces legal liability by commodity and crop year
  • Crop Year Tracking - Separate crop years
  • Auto Grade Calculation - Reduces errors and increases accuracy
  • Drill Down functionality from DPR to individual tickets by day, position, contract, etc.
  • Live Grain Balances - Provides “live” information on grain operations by customer, branch or company.
  • Drill Forward/Backward - Track original ticket to settlement to and vice versa
  • Full Detail Audit Tracking and Inquiry - Track weights by customer from scale ticket to check on screen
  • Discount Schedules by Destination - Use other company's discounts to calculate settlements based on destination
  • Post official weights and grades - Post variance of weight and grade between origin and destination
  • Predetermined and ticket specific splits - Improves accuracy of split transaction
  • Freight Tracking - Capture costs of moving grain and payment of freight expense