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Agribusiness continues to evolve both in the field and in the office.  Your software applications should be able to change as well, helping your staff stay in tune with trends in the market, information necessary to make profitable decisions and timely delivery of actionable reports for you to manage from.  AgTrax® can help.

AgTrax® offers an array of comprehensive, reliable software programs and complete systems designed specifically for grain elevators, fertilizer companies, full service cooperatives, ethanol production plants, feed stores, agronomy product and service providers, petroleum outlets, c-stores and other types of businesses in agriculture.

With valuable input from our customers, AgTrax® applications are designed and engineered to provide the most feature-rich agribusiness software system available today.  Developed solely with the end user in mind, we will continue to listen to our customers and prospects, keeping their needs in mind throughout the development process.

We market this suite of products under the brand name TraxView.  The current lineup of modules available in the TraxView suite will continue to change as advancements in accounting, technology and the needs of agribusinesses evolve. 

The TraxView system from AgTrax® contains many features that allow the end-user to collect, generate, and distribute information needed to manage today's complex agribusiness. Listed below are the features of the overall TraxView system that makes AgTrax® the leader in information technology for the local agribusiness.

  • User-defined Security Structure
  • Full Screen Entry
  • Security by Operator allows you to allow/disallow functions by employee
  • Password security by Program
  • Security levels allow you to structure groups of users and their access levels
  • Reports can be printed to screen
  • Users can search for numbers and/or text on reports printed to screen
  • IBM pSeries Servers deliver processing speed and stability for less than other hardware architectures
  • Client computers do not require local processing power
  • ASCII or "Dumb" Terminals can be used
  • Network can be ethernet or asynchronous
  • We use DSL, Cable or Wireless networks
  • ODBC Compliant Driver available to allow user to access system data via Excel, Word, and Crystal Reports
  • 999 Printers can be setup on system
  • Report specifications can be saved by user 
  • Reports can be printed to file or exported to pdf, Excel, csv, etc 
  • Reports can be searched or scanned for certain content - all on the users screen


Look at your business from our View…

TraxView® is the brand new graphical user interface designed by AgTrax to meet the needs of our customers. Each licensed user of TraxView has the flexibility built in to choose between our Classic Character based Interface and the new Windows version Interface on the same monitor simply by tabbing between modules.