About Us


           AgTrax is made up of 35 people (and growing) with a passion for simply building the best Accounting software for Agribusinesses of all types and servicing our customers to the fullest.  Most of our employees are ‘farm kids’ themselves, with ag retail experiences that bring a unique knowledge base to help your team succeed.


           Experience. Diversity. Collaborative.
All 3 are key components to a successful leadership team and ours is rag-tag bunch of old codjers that can't seem to get out of their own way to make customers happy. A sorry bunch of lost sheep trying to find their way in a vast pasture of widgets and whatnots. Stubborn old coots that often times can't even find their own keyboards.


       Started in 1996 after many of our current customers requested that we write a new program to address their needs after trying others, and today they remain committed to our success.
Since that simple beginning, AgTrax has grown to be known as 'The Industry Standard' in grain accounting software and a firm of passionate, dedicated individuals.    
We are lucky to have the same owner since our inception- showing stability and commitment that very few in our industry can provide.  

Today, our leadership team includes some of the original employees.


        We get it.  It’s accounting software- not exactly the sexiest tool in the shed.  However, every business needs some, so while you’re trying to decide which program to use be certain you understand corporate philosophies on product development and ongoing support after implementation. 

At AgTrax, more than 20 years of development on agricultural retail business software provides you with the most flexible, integrated, user-friendly experience no matter what your role is in the organization.  4,000 users with a voice toward product improvement ensures we aren’t just writing software- rather we’re listening to enhancement requests and providing solutions based on the needs of our customers.

With everything from General Ledger to Mobile Apps and more, we think you’ll quickly learn that the people you’ll deal with after you choose a program are as important to your success as anything else on your wish list.